Monday, August 1, 2011

Menu Monday!

I'm actually doing this on a Monday this week! YAY! One of my cute friends mentioned last week about how I post a lot of meals with the 'racipe to come!' I know... it's kind of annoying! But my husband gets sick of the same meals FAST, so I cant make the same meal more than once a month or I supposedly make it, quote "ALL the time!" (don't you just love husbands;)) So bare with me and I'll get the recipes posted ASAP after I make them! Onto this week's meal plan!...
Monday: Beef Stroganoff
Tuesday: Mexican Chicken Parmesan (recipe to come!)
Wednesday: Tamale Casserole (recipe to come!)
Thursday: Egg Drop Soup (recipe to come!) and Egg Rolls
Friday: Date Night :)
Saturday: Burgers and Steak Fries
Sunday: Philly Cheesesteak Subs (recipe to come!)

1 comment:

Jennifer Allen said...

looks super yummy! Hey would your parents rent out the house

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