Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly To-Do Printable

If you follow this blog at all, you know I am no stranger to the list! I LOVE lists! Christmas lists, grocery lists, cleaning lists, to do lists, lists of lists... I have a lot of lists! However, I am horrible at keeping a planer, I've bought them, and tried, but they always seem to get too dirty, too mashed, too folded or wrinkled, and my OCD kicks in and they get tossed. I searched Pinterest for a weekly to do printable and found an adorable one that I loved, but it wasn't QUITE what I was looking for. SO I took the general idea and revamped it to include what I needed! I shared the list on my new Instagram (stefs.fav.things) and was asked to share! I've revamped it since then, after using it for a few weeks I decided it needed some things added, and others removed! SO here you go! if you print and use, be sure to tag #lovelylittlesnippets! I want to see!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer decor

Thought I'd swing by and share a bit of my summer decor!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What's in my Bag :: Skip Hop French Stripe

It's been quite awhile since I did a post! I do have a good reason! :)
This sweet little guy joined our family a few weeks ago, and now the kids officially outnumber the parents! We're okay with that though! ;) 
While I was pregnant I thought a lot about diaper bags! And became fascinated with what others packed into theirs! I searched Pinterest, read blogs and watched YouTube videos about all sorts of bags. I'd never had an actual 'Diaper Bag' with my other kids, they were always large purses of backpacks. This time, however, I caved... And I am SO glad I did!
After lots and lots of searching, I finally decided on the Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag in French Stripe.
I bought mine on target.com.
I'd seen this diaper bag on Pinterest long before I was pregnant and the more I researched it, the more I fell in love! I loved the look, the red detail, the amount of pockets, the size of pockets, everything! 

There are 5 sections to this diaper bag. The two front pockets, a shallow zipper compartment next to the main pocket, then there's the main large pocket that has a zipper closure, a pocket on the back where the included changing pad goes, and the two zipper pockets on each side for bottles. (FYI, the side pockets aren't huge, I use tommytipee bottles and they don't fit well. I usually throw sunscreen and my sunglasses case in those instead.)

This is the content of the main large zipper compartment. You can see a smaller zipper pouch under the top right group of items, I keep all that together inside there. Less mess. 
1. Diapers. Duh. It's called a diaper bag for a reason. ;) I use Luvs mostly, but right now I have Huggies for the little guy.
2. Bib. This one is from Carters.
3. Munchkin formula dispenser. These things are wonderful!! So much better than carrying a huge formula can around and measuring a bottle out in the middle of target! 
4. Bath and body hand sanitizer. This one is coconut cabana I think. It clips onto the stroller sling inside the bag so I don't have to dig for it in the bottom of the bag.
5. Huggies natural wipes. I honestly think I'll carry wipes around even when my kids are out of diapers! I use them for EVEYTHING!
6. Bibsters. These are a new find and they are the best thing ever! Disposable bibs! They have Velcro and a pouch to catch dropped food. They're fairly cheap too! I think it was like $3-4 for a 12 pack.
7. A travel size babyganics lotion and travel aquaphor healing ointment. 
8.  Fruit snacks. I'm not above bribing an onrey child. :)
9. Carters onesie, in case of a blowout or accident.
10. Burp cloth. Homemade by my wonderful mother in law!
11. Travel baby powder. I don't use this often, but it's nice to have if baby has a stinky diaper and needs freshening :)
Here's what I keep in the shallow zipper pocket next to the main compartment. I call this my 'mommy pocket' I keep everything for me in there. Again, I have a zipper pouch to keep things together. It also makes it easier to switch over to a normal purse. I also usually keep a travel hairspray in here, but my husband borrowed it for a trip and has yet to return it ;)
1.Roxy wallet. This one is from christensens.  
2. Avon glimmersticks eyeliner. This is the only makeup I find myself needing on a regular basis. If I know I'm really going to need a touch up, I'll throw in my eyelash curler, mascara and foundation compact.
3. Another Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer. This one is sweet tangerine. You can never have too many ;)
4. Bath and Body Works travel lotion. I love the new summer scents they have! 
5. Nail polish. I love this glitter polish from Ulta, you can touch up chips without being able to tell where the chip was!
6. Advil. I also keep a few rolaids in there.
7.Flossers. My hubby got me addicted to these!
8. EOS Chapstick in vanilla mint. 
9. bobby pins and hair ties.
These are what I keep in the two front pockets. Not much, just things I need to be able to reach easily. I also usually throw my keys in there.
1. Honest spray hand sanitizer. I love this stuff! I got it at target for 2.99. It's so easy for the kids! And I feel like it gets more surface area. (I can't find it online, but it was in the store!)
2. Nubby binky.
3. Kleenex travel pack.
4. iPhone. :)
And thats it! I have to add that I try and only keep what I know I'll need in my bag. I keep a separate bag with a change of clothes, an extra Aden and Anais blanket (I have multiple sets, but this one and this one are my favorites!), sunscreen, more diapers and wipes, and other emergency supplies in my car.
Do you use a diaper bag? or a purse? What do you keep on hand that I'm missing? Comment and let me know! I love to hear your momma's opinions! XO

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