Sunday, August 28, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

 I REALLY want to thank Kim from The Mediterranian Diet for this award! What a compliment! She has an awesome blog with tons of yummy looking recipes!
Here's how it works:
After accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, the blogger must:
1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post. Save the JPG image and add it you your side bar. 
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Pass this award along to 10 recently discovered blogs

So... 7 things about me!
1. I really love decorating! I would rather spend my money on home decor over clothes, shoes, or anything else! (Although I do love buying all those things too ;))
2. My favorite food is my mom's meatloaf. burnt. yup, that's how I like it!
3. I take a LOT of pictures! I have ever since I got my first camera in 6th grade. Recently I have started a photography business wich I really enjoy!
4. I am not the worlds greatest housekeeper. But the chore I hate the MOST is unloading the dishwasher!
5. My favorite vacation spot is Lake Tahoe.
6. I LOVE to entertain! It makes my heart happy to have friends over and cook for them!
7. My favorite color is constantly changing. Today I'd have to pick orange.

Here are the 10 blogs I am awarding with this award! (in no particular order)
1. Chef in Training
2. Six Sisters Stuff
3. The Creative Crate
4. Crafty Cupboard
5. Brown Paper Packages
6. A Crafty Bee
7. You Craft Me Up
8. Jamie Cooks It Up
9. Then She Made
10. Real Mom Kitchen
You should check them ALL out!


The Ellis' said...

Thanks so much for picking us! We love your blog and you are so cute!

The Sisters

Christine's Pantry said...

Congrats on your award.

Liz H said...

Thanks so much for the award, it is great to be noticed. Love your blog

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