Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Take on Spray Paint

I had a question about spray paint, and I thought I'd answer it in a post! I only use one brand, you could call me a 'spray paint snob' of sorts! :)
This paint is amazing! I had started out using Krylon spray paint, and liked it alright, but it always took 2-3 coats to get a nice even finish. This paint usually only takes one coat! I'll sometimes do 2 because I get in a hurry and miss spots the first time, but it covers SO well! I mostly only use Satin finish. I have used flat, and it looked a little too 'chalky' for my taste, and they dont have as many color choices.
Speaking of colors, there are a few that I keep around, just because I love them so much :)

From L to R: Espresso, Aqua, Colonial Red, Heirloom White, Eden, and Canyon Black
These colors are ones you will find everywhere in my house. Green, black, red and white in the main living areas. Green, brown and white in the Master bedroom, Aqua and Black in my craft room. Green and Brown in my little boy's room. I honestly go through a can of the white at least once every 2 weeks! They don't sell this paint at my walmart, so I either buy it at Home Depot or Ace Hardware. It runs about $3.50-$4.00 a can. Which seems like a lot, but it's worth it to only have to use 1 coat!
Here are a few places I've used the paint in my house... (you may recognize a lot of these!)

 Here are a few colors that I drool over every time I'm in the paint isle. If I could just find some reason to use them, I'd take them home to live on my shelf with my other 20 cans :)

From L to R: Aubergine, Strawflower, Real Orange, Berry Pink, Brilliant Blue

PS. No, I didn't get paid to write this... I just REALLY love this spray paint!


My Life as Whitney said...

I love this... love love love... Can you come over and help me snaz up my house???

Testing said...

I love browsing through your blog. Thanks for sharing all your talent and inspiration. :)

Where do you buy your spray paint. It seems I must live in an area with very limited amount of people that use spray paint because there is none! Grrr.....


Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Your blog is so great and so helpful to the average gal. LOVE that! Also, LOVE to discover a fellow spray paint junkie! :)

Cassie said...

Great tips on painting! Thanks!

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