Sunday, July 10, 2011


I have a slight (huge) addiction to fonts. I honestly have hundreds on my computer. There is nothing more exciting than finding a cute new font :) I only have one rule about fonts... dont pay for them. There are SO many free fonts out there, that it's pointless to buy them. Here are a few of my favorites (or most used)-
1. Cutie Patootie-I love this font for scrapbooking and normal type. It's readable, but still cute!
2. Little Days-I use this a lot! It's my favorite cursive font, I use it for photography and digital scrapbooking.
3. Vaguely Fatal-This is a great 'manly' font! I use this one a ton for announcements and other things for guys.
4. Delouisville-This font is great for printable decor and headers.
5. Calvin and Hobbes-SUPER fun font for little boys! I use vinyl and this font to label everything in his room!
6. Sandra Dee-LOVE THIS FONT! It's just the right amount of simple and cute-sy at the same time!
7. Sugar Noodles-This is a new ultimate favorite of mine! I've been using it on everything!!
8. Devon Caps-This is another 'manly' font that I really like! but it's not too manly, so it works really well for anything!
9. Cicle-This is my go-to-simple font. If I want something that looks clean and neat, I use this font.
10. Trajan Pro-I love this font for vinyl! It's very sophisticated and simple, but its a little fancier that the basic Times New Roman.
11. Rustler-Alright, another 'boyish' font. But this one I use for a lot of different things! It's such a fun one!
12. Windsong-This is a pretty font! Perfect for all your fancy writing needs! :)
13. Brandywine-This is another font that I use a lot for vinyl. Its a really great all purpose font.
14. Birth of a Hero-Grungy, yet readable. enough said.
15. Pea Hollee-This is the handwritten font I use the most. I am a bit wary of most handwritten fonts, but I love this one!

How have I come to acquire all these fonts for free you ask? These 4 wonderful websites have supplied me with 99% of them. If there is ever a font you want, and cant find on one of these... google it. You'll find it out there somewhere! (newly found FAVORITE!)

Happy Typing!

Visit HERE to learn how to install fonts!


Mindy said...

love! i'm always looking for some cute new fonts too!! yay!

Syd and Kade said...

Thanks for the cute fonts!! I have been looking for some cool free ones :)

Sweet Peas and Bumblebees said...

I'm a font junkie too! =) I have a couple of these already and I'm SUPER excited about the ones I don't cute!

Queen of Couth said...

I too am a font whore...never forget my favorite go-to
Also I get the font of the day EMAILED to me from

Thanks for the heads up on sugarfrog and kevinandamanda. I'll be passing them on to my font club at work!


Leisha said...

I found your site on pinterest. I looove different fonts!!
Thanks for the new sites!


Heather said...

Found you on pinterest. I LOVE your blog! I cannot wait to try some of your recipes. I've already enjoyed your font recommendations! Cute Halloween printable too! Thanks for sharing your talents!

Ashley said...

I searched all those sites for the delouisville and the birth of a hero font and didn't find it. do you know which site it's on???

Kim said...

Wonderful list of fonts! The sugarfrog link is not working for me.

Carrie said...

Thank you so much for this post-- so many fonts look great, but either don't go well on a layout or are soooo small you have to worry if they'll be legible when you print a LO. This is useful info, so I'm pinning it!!

Reagray said...

How do you use vinyl with these fonts like you were talking about? I am clueless, but willing to learn. I have a cricut, but didn't know if you used something special???
Thank you

Lizzie said...

These look fun! I can't seem to find the Calvin and Hobbes font. Do you know where it's at by chance?

Amber Smith said...

I'd also like to know where the calvin and hobbes one is. Or at least which fonts come from which site. Thanks!

Sarahendipity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarahendipity said...

I found the Calvin and Hobbes font and Delouisville both on Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing these cute fonts. ☺

Leslie R. said...

Love reading your comment about the Pea Hollee font. My college roommate and dear friend, Hollee, actually had that font created from her handwriting. I've always been envious of her beautiful handwriting.

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