Thursday, July 21, 2011

EASY $3 dollar Cupcake Holder.

Easiest thing ever.

Cupcake Holder.
-3 plates, big medium and small
-Amazing E600 glue {found at roberts, micheals, hobby lobby, etc..}
-Spray Paint {gloss}
-Heavy book
-Candle stick holders, cups, tealight holders..or anything to put in
between each layer. I used tea light holders from Ikea, they were .45 cents.
I got 4 and glued two together to create a longer stem.

Step One: Buy your plates and clean them off really well. I bleached mine and let them dry for 10 minutes after. Then I spray painted once they were dry. {mine were already white, but I did it so they would be the same shades of white.}

Step two: Glue your first stem onto the first plate. Make sure it is completely 
centered and completely even. Put a book on top and leave alone for a good hour. Just to ensure it's not going to slip at all, and make it uneven. 

Step 3: Add another layer, an hour later. Glue and put a book on the top plate for another hour. Glue another stem on top of that plate and wait an hour to dry. Then add another on top, being the last plate.

Voila! A pretty cupcake holder. 

{i washed the plates again, and scraped off excess glue from them when i was done..
just to make sure it was ok to stack a ton of cupcakes on them}


Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS! Going to try it out. :)

Melissa Louise said...

I did these for my wedding! The only difference was I got all different shapes and sizes of plates and all different heights and shapes of holders, glued them together and painted the things red so the cupcake table will have lots of texture. So cute and easy!

Unknown said...

Love the plates you chose! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

Laurie/"Mom" said...

I'm definitely making this; thanks for posting! I LOVE your plates, and would love the same, can you please direct me to where you purchased them? Thank you!

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