Tuesday, January 11, 2011


this wreath is SO easy. 

It's just one book (one you don't love). you paint the edges all brown. 
{i used a crayon, way easier}
Rip them all out, get your foam wreath, hot glue gun, 
a good show on..and your set. 
You start on the back of the wreath, twirling the 
paper into thirds, going around in a pretty 
straight  and easy path. Then you flip your wreath around, 
so the rounded part is back on top
and you start twirling and gluing some more. 
Just keep going around and around. I folded the paper
{in the first pic below} so it would give it a more bigger to smaller look. 
at the end, pin a piece of fabric in to hang on the wall..and presto
you are done!!!
It's a super easy, but time consuming, craft. 
good luck.

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