Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I want to tell you about an all purpose cleaner that I LOVE.
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner has turned me into a compulsive counter wiper.  I'm not kidding you... I make up excuses to clean my counters now that I've found this stuff.  You can buy it in a Countertop Spray, but I liked the idea of the All Purpose Concentrate so I could have flexibility in the way I use it.  They also make various bathroom cleaners, dishwashing soaps, surface wipes, window spray and air fresheners.  Beyond that they also make hand and body, laundry, and baby care products.

Mrs. Meyers makes earth friendly cleaners that are biodegradable and phosphate free.  I would never claim to be an avid enthusiast of earth friendly products, but I can always appreciate a product that is safer for my family.  To be honest, the many things that make this product great are not the reason I love it.  I love it for the smell.
I had a really hard time choosing which scent I should buy, but I'm so glad I settled on Basil.  It smells so fresh and clean.  Slightly sweet.  Mostly just fresh, and I love it.

I picked up my bottle of goodness at Wal-Mart but its also available at Target, in various grocery stores, and the company's website.  Happy cleaning.  And sniffing.  :)


eric+dall said...

andrea... this is my FAVE too... except i have lavender. its incredible... and when ever i use it and trust me i use it for everything my whole house smells amazing!!

n.davis said...

i'm totally trying this. i am slightly obsessed with cleaners and one that smells like basil or lavender..i'm down. haha.

Mindy said...

totally saw this last night at walmart, and i almost got some!! lol Love it! Now i'm totally gonna have to go get some! can't wait to try it!

Megan said...

I actually went and bought some - and I LOVE it! I liked the basil flavor the best and it works fabulously on everything - including my mirrors! I even used it to wipe down some board books and toys and didn't worry at all about Katelyn playing with them later! Thanks for recommending this stuff!

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