Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolutions??

Were girls! We all make the same ol' resolutions each year! Say it with me "LOSE WEIGHT!" So here are a few suggestions to make it happen and also have fun with it!

Have you tried Zumba? I know you have heard of it, made excuses as to why you dont want to or cant go, well lets start the New Year right and GO! Its so much fun, all you do is dance! How bad can that be? Whether your excuse is "im not in shape enough" (it will get you in shape, you have to start it to get there) or "im too old for that" (hello, your never too old for anything! the great thing about zumba is you go at your own pace!) or even the excuse of "i dont know how to dance, they will laugh at me" (well good thing were not trying out for cheer or drill team because i cant dance either, as for the "laughing at me part" dont worry everyone is SO busy trying to make sure no one will laugh at them and focusing on the actual dance!" So try it! The place I go is so amazing, they have all the lights turned out, and the club dance lights on! So you cant really see anyone else anyways. The instructor is on a platform and a huge spot light is on her at all times so you dont get lost as to what the next dance move is! The instructors name is Andrea. She is amazingly motivating, and she actually cares about how you are doing individually, and as a whole. She is always up beat, always crazy, and always fun. Her warehouse is in green valley and is called "The Warehouse" the address is 415 S Dixie Dr. She does cross-fit, themed zumba nights, and boogie boxing. Check her website out at

Remember with excersize comes dieting. Dont let yourself think you cant have ANY sweets, or ANY carbs. Always allow your self to have 1 ONE UNO cheat day a week. (but seriously, only 1 day) Dont go on a crazy binge on this day either, allow your self to have that bowl of ice cream, or pizza, or whatever your craving is, just dont have all 3 cravings! The rest of the week eat healthy. Try not to cook with as much butter, oil, or grease. Eat more salads (this doesnt mean drowned every salad in ranch either, choose a healthy less fat dressing). Remember to always eat in small portions too. You can eat as healthy as you want, but over eating on healthy food is (not as bad) almost as bad as just over eating on crap food. Maybe you go to a diet doctor and have them tell you what your goal weight should be, and get a diet plan from them to help with your particular body size.

Another one we love to set for ourselves is NO SODA! Well how about just switching to DIET soda. There are no calories in it, yes it may not taste as good, but at least your getting it right? So lets not cross it completly off our lists, and just alter it a bit.

How about budgeting! ugh! Dont you just hate that word! I know I do. What my husband and I like to do is the envelope method. We go to the bank at the beginning of the month, take out ALL of our money for ALL of our bills that were going to need for that month including gas, food, personal, bike, pets, etc. and then we dont use our card the rest of the month. It has really helped us so far and I LOVE it.

Well that is three of my goals for the year of 2011! Remember with your goals that you must set a date you want to achieve it by (such as loose 30 lbs by July) without a date set we just think we can take ALL year to loose that 30 lbs.

If you have any questions, about zumba, or the envelope budget method dont be afraid to comment and ask!

What are some of your goals for this year?

Love, Tere Shake

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