Friday, January 14, 2011

personal picks.

                1-3.found HERE. 4. found HERE.

So I love great skin care. Here are some secrets, that I personally love. 
Bare minerals and I are friends. I love this makeup..if you haven't tried it, do!
It feels like you are wearing nothing and it covers up great. Not to mention it doesn't 
have all the crud in there to clog up your pores. It's natural and soft on your skin, plus 
has spf.  Numbers 2 & 3 are just glycolic and lactic acid washes, something that will help 
tone your skin. It is basically a mini lactic {or glycolic} peel, which will lift a lot of sun damage, acne scars, 'brown spots", etc. it's nice to just even out your skin tone. But make sure to know that your skin 
is uber sensitive while doing this, so don't go outside without sunscreen. 
number 4 is my favorite of all. I love Aveda! a lot!! This is the tourmaline line, it's amazing.
I have super dry skin and this stuff doesn't mess. The exfoliating wash is so soft on your skin, not 
stripping everything off your some exfoliating washes. The creme goes a lonnnng way. 
I would only use like a teeny tiny amount and feel so hydrated all day long. I have never used that
radiance fluid, but I would suggest it..because I love aveda, haha.

but yah, this is my little spill on keeping your face pretty. 
Which it's just as important, if not more, in the winter to use 
these things. Keep your face super hydrated and healthy. Exfoliating
it regularly will help sluf off all that dead winter skin, and toners will
help with all that red skin. Keep your skin healthy and happy this winter!


The Strattons said...

where do you get bare minerals? ive always really wanted to try it, but ive never seen it anywhere but on tv?

n.davis said...

that's where i bought my first kit, the infomercials. haha. and i loved it. but has a kit and a place at the gateway up here has a booty load. i also know a few salons carry some down in st. george.

it's great!

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