Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tu-Tu's!!! {Guest Post by Tasha}

So I am starting Christmas early this year (one of my goals!) and I am making Tu-Tu's, So I thought I would share with you!

First*  Pick out your elastic, and the fabric ( Tulle, is what its called ) you would like.
Second*  Cut the measurements. (I got 5 yards of each color I used.)
Three* Cut into strips, now this you have to decide if you want it long or short. I did mine long so I cut the strips longer. I used this tool, Which was SO much easier than using Scissors.. but, Dont panic, can still use scissors if you need to.. it gets the job done!
 Fourth* Sew your elastic together
  Fifth*  Start putting your fabric on your elastic.Now, its pretty simple to do, all you do is fold your fabric in half, then put the closed part under your elastic and pull the loose ends through the closed end and pull.
You will then have a beautiful tu - tu made!!!! Easy, Cheap, and fun!!!! And girls of ALL ages LOVE them!!!

The colors are a little hard to see, but dont let the hippy couch distract you! :)!! Happy Tu-Tu making!!! and Good luck!!!
*Tasha Bracken

1 comment:

Deebi27 said...

It realy does look easy. I think I need to make a couple for my classroom dress up area! My girls aren't really girly girls, but they would have fun! Thanks!

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