Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I love Wednesday.

I thought I'd start a day to tell about some new (and old) favorite things of mine! I always love seeing what products people love or can't live without, so I'll follow along! :)
This weeks...

 I LOVE this vacum! I have to admit that when we got it for our wedding, I kind of wanted to return it, you knowthe whole, "if your mom didn't use it, you don't need it" thing? That's totally how I felt! But I use this every single day! I hate sweeping with a passion, but I just sweek this over the kitchen floor once/twice/3times (I have a babyboy... okay sometimes 4 times!) and it picks up everything visable! I still sweep the normal way to get all the small dust and things like that, but this thing saves my life!

This has been my go to snack all summer! I have them in the fridge all the time! It's a quick, not too sweet snack to tie me over until dinner! I am SUCH a snacker!!

I am sure you have noticed this chili sauce in a lot of my recipes recently! I have a slight addiction with it! I had never dared try it, since I dont really like hot sauce, but my husband asked me to buy it for him, and now I put it on everything! It's SO yummy!!

I'll keep it to these 3 things this week, so I have something to write about next week!

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