Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

I missed last weeks 'What I love' day! But here's a few things I am ALL about recently!
Walmart's popcorn chicken. I LOVE this stuff! It's really good quality chicken (no fatties/chewy parts) and it's only $6 for the bag. It lasts us about 2-3 weeks depending on how many meals we use it for (usually 1-2 a week) Here's how I cook it - Mirrowave it according to the package directions. While it's microwaving, start your broiler in the oven. Transfer the chicken onto a cookie sheet and stick it under the broiler for a few minutes, turning every so often, until the outsides are crisp. It tastes just like if if was cooked in the oven, just 10x faster!
 this pasta is awesome! I bought some of it on sale awhile back, and wasn't too sure about it because I was afraid it would taste funny or 'healthy', but it's really good! And it has so many befefits compared to regular pasta, with the same taste! I like using it way more than whole wheat pasta!

I figured I'd better throw in a non food item! I love my cricut trimmer! I actually have 2 of them, one's not from cricut, but I got it at the same place, Robert's Crafts. I use this literally ever single day! It makes cutting strait lines so fast and easy! You can pick one of these up for like 6 bucks (I think that's what I paid) when you use a 50% off coupon.

1 comment:

emily and jared larsen said...

I just came across your blog--lots of fun ideas and I absolutely love all the neat frames you have. I was just wondering what you use the popcorn chicken with--what kind of meals? thanks
where do you find all those great frames?

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