Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been craving these cookies for a few days and finally broke down and made some. I remembered a recipe my mom used when I was younger and wanted to recreate them. At the moment I was wanting to bake, my mom was in a meeting so I couldn't call her and I was just feeling too lazy to load the kids in the truck and drive to her house and find the recipe. But then when I googled PBOCCC (I didn't actually google the acronym, but you understand that my fingers might fall off if I type it all out over and over) I found all kinds of recipes. I decided to try two and see how it went. Recipe 1 was from Martha Stewart so I figured it would be good. Recipe 2 was from Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen and it looked a lot like my mom's recipe so I was excited to try it.
Recipe 1 reminds me a lot of "Ranger Cookies" that are the only flat crispy cookie I have ever liked. Now I like two. It called for natural pb, whole wheat flour, and peanuts but I didn't use those because I didn't have them. I would love to make them again with whole wheat flour but white flour worked great yesterday. It has a ton more oatmeal than recipe 2 which may or may not have resulted in my kids' breakfast today being these cookies. They ate a banana too so I'm not the world's worst mother. Recipe 2 are fuller, almost cakey cookies that are ridiculously good as well. They kind of just melt in your mouth. They are exactly like my mom's recipe. Both are delish. I highly recommend each of them. But beware... I officially spoiled my dinner with sweets for the first time in my life and totally went to bed last night with a belly ache because I ate way too many.
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Layne & Crystal said...

They look (& sound from your description) heavenly! I am adding them to my baking list of things I want to try.

eric+dall said...

recipe 2 sounds soooo yummy! i am so trying those!

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