Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp

 Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp
w/ White rice
Over Valentines day weekend, we went down to VEGAS
to enjoy a child free dinner at our Favorite Restaurant!
My husband and I Love Love LOVE the Cheesecake Factory.
I tried the yummy 'chicken enchilada' meal,
and my hubby got the 'bang bang chicken and shrimp' dinner.
And I tell you, I ate more of his dinner than I ate of my own!!
It seriously is DELISH!!!!

{click the link above for recipe}

It seriously taste so similar to the 'real' meal,
it will quickly become a staple at your house!!
Don't be overwhelmed by all the ingredients,
or the steps to make this dish...
when I first read the instructions, all I kept thinking was
"NOPE, I'm not going
to be able to make this...."
but once I organized all the spices, it wasn't as daunting.
*I did make some adjustments:
*added extra water to the peanut sauce, I wanted it a bit thinner
*cooked my chicken and shrimp, and then added to the curry
so it could soak up some of the flavor.
But that was all...
So, there you go.
Make it. Eat it. Love it!

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