Thursday, February 24, 2011

kick a cold

don't you HATE when you feel that first little tickle in your throat and you just KNOW you are getting sick? Well my lovely mother showed me how to kick it before it takes over!

She had me use elderberry drops and they are a lifesaver! When you first start to feel your cold coming on, you take it 2-3 times a day (4 drops on your tongue, let it set for a minute and then swallow) and 99% of the time, if you catch it quick enough you'll never really get sick! Or if you are already sick it will shorten a cold! My mom works as a secretary at an intermediate school so she is around sick kids all day, and she takes it every day during cold season and she never really gets sick! You can buy it at the health food store or i think harmons for like around $8! It's totally worth it! Blake has been sick all week and when i started to feel myself getting it I started taking the drops, and I still haven't gotten worse! That little tickle is still there... but no sore throat, cough, or stuffy nose! SO worth it!!

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