Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does your lil man need Ties??

Forgive me for being m.i.a. lately, we've had some terrible
virus hit our house hard! So needless to say, being a mom
to 2 awesome sick kids, and being somewhat sick myself,
I was pretty down and out for a bit.
BUT I'm slowly getting back into action.
Starting with these Awesome ties for your lil' guy!
This is my lil' Logi-bear modeling the first tie I've ever made!!
Doesn't he look so adorable!?
This will be his 'Super Bowl Sunday' tie!
Thank you to AMBER over at 'Very Homemade'.
She is so crafty, and has a few tutorials on some other awesome
projects that I can't wait to try soon!! (headband anyone?! ♥)
Just follow this link and use her directions, because they
are very easy to follow. Thanks again AMBER!!
It took me longer than 30 minutes, but well worth the time!
Also, when getting your material, check out
Joann's Fabrics and Crafts..I found that they sell
1/4 yard material already cut out to use!! AWESOME!!
Anyway, ENJOY!
*Leave a comment with a link to your creations!!

1 comment:

Mindy said...

i'm seriously gonna be making lil' man ties all the time!! (and probably making my hubby tie's to match..hee hee)

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