Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY Garbage Bag Storage

I was SO sick of having THIS mess in my pantry...
So I did something about it! I made this with all scraps I had, which is the reason they are SO wrinkled, sorry :)

You will need:
3 pieces of coordinating fabric
-one 22" x 20" (the middle)
-two 22" x 5" (the ends)
1/2 inch elastic cut into 2 pieces
-one 10" (top opening)
-one 7" (bottom opening)
12 inches matching ribbon
sewing machine

Here are the steps, although it's pretty self-explanatory...
1. cut your fabric pieces to size. Or if you are wanting one solid piece, cut it 22" x 30".
2. sew your strips to each end (so the 22" sides are together)
3. on the 22" sides, sew a casing for your elastic about 3/4 inch wide or just big enough to thread your elastic through.
4. sew the other sides together so it forms a long tube.
5. (no pictures, sorry) thread elastic through the casing and stitch ends together. repeat on the other side.
6. in the side with the larger elastic opening, stitch your ribbon ends to the inside of the fabric, making a strap to hang the holder from.
7. Stuff your bag full of garbage bags, and hang!


Spencer and Mindy said...

awesome! i totally need to make one of these!! love

Unknown said...

Love the fabric choice! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

Unknown said...

That is awesome! I do agree with your concern. Plastic bags and garbage bags can really be all over the place, especially because we use them so constantly, yet never seem to reuse them after getting them. This is a very stylish take on storing garbage bags. Thanks for sharing!
Clay Delgado

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