Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The method to my diaper bag maddness

I love my diaper bag! Mostly because I can always find what I am looking for inside! My diaper bag is actually just a large messenger backpack
This one to be precise!
I had looked EVERYWHERE for a boy diaper bag, one that my dear sweet husband wouldn't mind toting around also, and had finally decided on a $80 backpack. Thankfully, though I didnt think it at the time, the company sent me an email a few days later saying that the backpack I had ordered was out of stock. I was a tad frustrated and anxious, seeing that I was due in just a few weeks. Well, we took a quick detour on one of our shopping trips to Sportsman's Warehouse, and I found this bag for 70% off! It ended up being about $20. Things I LOVE about this bag, It's big. It had 2 bottle holders, it is NOT girly (which is hard to find in a diaper bag!) What I DONT love about this bag, the majority of the space is one HUGE pocket in the center. Which brings me to the point of this post. What I have, and how I organize everything in my diaper bag.
Quick sidenote... When I was pregnant I searched for a list of the 'basics' to have in my diaper bag before I had the baby, and couldn't find anything, so here is mine to help any other new mommas-to-be out there! :)
1. Wipes. For boogers, spills and of course messy diapers :)
2. Diapers.
3. Sunglasses.
4. Water bottle, mostly to make bottles, because I dont trust public restroom/gas station sinks. yuck.
5. Makeup case. I keep a spare of everything in there just in case I ever have to get ready in the car. Mascara, cream blush, eyeliner, foundation, eyelash curler, lip gloss etc.
6. Wallet (I know it's filthy, I cant part with it, it's too perfect.
7. Shoes for the little mister.
8. My 'everything' case. I got these two cases from TJMAXX (but I've also seen them at walmart) they came with all of the baby essentials (clippers, scissors, thermometer etc.) but I emptied them out and they are wonderful for keeping things contained. This one has lotion, eye drops, wet wipes (famous daves :)) hair gel, AA batteries, hand sanitizer, and a baggie with medicines (tylenol, tums, benedryl and things like that) I also usually have a travel size hairspray but it's lost. :)
9. Baby food. I got these little mini tupperwares at walmart for pretty cheap. they are SO nice because the lids fit really tight so they dont spill all over. I have one of cereal puffs, and one of baby oatmeal.  I also carry a container of baby food in case we are out to eat and there isnt anything my baby will eat on the menu, and a spoon.
10. Pen.
11. Travel size kleenex.
12. Point and shoot camera. You never know when you'll need it!
13. Formula. I put some in the same kind of tupperware that i have the snacks in, It's SO much easier than carrying an entire can, but it holds a lot more than those dispensers that only hols 3 bottles worth.
14. Mints.
15. The other case in the set I got. This one has everything baby. A disposable changing pad, diaper rash cream, baby lotion, baby powder, orajel, baby tylenol, gas drops, and more hand sanitizer.
16. Baby toys and books. Small tip that I wish someone had told me. Only put small toys that you dont mind losing in there, because there will come a day when you will have to retrace your steps in walmart to find the stuffed hippo your husband gave you when you first started dating.

Hopefully this helps some of your diaper bag dilemmas, or at least gives you some organizing ideas!

Update... I redid his post after my third baby! See what I carry around now by clicking here!


Spencer and Mindy said...

wow! this is like Mommy survival kit, right here!! you have everything for possibly EVERY senerio!! ha! love how organized you are!

**and also LOVE the mr.'s shoes, they are adorable!!!

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

The hippo story is so funny! :) and holy crap, you carry a ton of stuff with you!!! that bag must weigh a ton but you are certainly prepared for anything. Very impressive! (my first diaper bag was just a tote bag with one TINY pocket so I also got very good at putting everything in seperate bags to keep myself organized!)

Unknown said...

A friend of mine does something pretty cool with her formula. Instead of the can or a Tupperware, she puts it in one of the breast milk storage bags that you would use to freeze pumped breast milk in. It seems like a pretty cool idea & wouldn't take up much space in your diaper bag!

Unknown said...
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