Saturday, May 28, 2011

Looking for some FUN this summer?!

I just wanted to share a lil slice of fun I found recently in the blogging world. If your like me, and Love to explore new places but don't {or can't} spend lots of money for the family vacation..YOU need to check out this fun website.
It's a blog written by some Stay at home parents who enjoy being outdoors and cheep vacations. {perfect combo, right?!} In the blog they posts calender events, or fun new places to go see and do! They were spotlighted on Good Things Utah back in January of this year, and FOX13 did some interviews when ENJOY UTAH Founder, Michelle, hosted the Food Drive for Disney On Ice when they came to SLC.
Most of the activities are in northern Utah areas, but they are always looking for fun places in the rest of the state as well! So next time your heading North and want a few fun places to enjoy for FREE, or cheep, check out Enjoy Utah.  


Michelle said...

Thanks for the spotlight! :) I always take suggestions, so if you feel like your part of Utah isn't being recognized enough, please send me an email! :) Thanks for supporting Enjoy Utah! :)

Spencer and Mindy said...

ENJOY UTAH, just updated their blog with some ST.GEORGE area fun. most of them are FREE activities to so check it out!

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