Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Spring Decor

Easter has totally snuck up on me! I seriously didnt get any of my decorations up until this afternoon! Sad, I know! I usually am itching to get it out the day after Valentines, but this year, with finishing our yard, and an 18 month old on my ankles, I've been a little preoccupied!
Here's some of what I put out, I didn't go all out this year since in 2 weeks I knew I'd be taking it all back down. I have a LOT or Easter decor... my husband would argue that it's too much, I think he will be grateful for the minimalism this year!
I love these little chicks, I got them super cheap at Krumpets a few years ago, they add just a little fun and color! Blake decided to bite the beak off of one earlier today, little bugger.
I got these carrots at Krumpets also! They are kind of difficult to display, so I stuck them here for now! We'll see if that's where they stay!
The kitchen didn't get much... just a few little touches.
 I got this little sign at Robert's a few years ago, I used to put it on the front door, but this year it's in the center of my big wreath in the living room.
 The next two are some more Krumpets blocks... I love that store!

 this cute chick sings and dances, my Mother in Law gave it to us from Avon last easter. I have yet to turn it on, because I know Blake wont leave it alone once he realizes what it does!


Mandy said...

So cute! I love the chicks.

Mindy said...

i miss Krumpets so much!! way cute decore, and i too Love the chicks!

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