Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY Boxwood Wreath

 I am just full of DIY-ness these days, arent I? ;) Just kidding. It's spring, it makes me re-arrange everything. My husband is going insane.
I had been on the hunt for a boxwood wreath like this one for weeks.
But seriously... $55 to $85 for a wreath? I dont think so.
So I figured there had to be a DIY route! And off to Tai Pan I went!
sorry again for the photo quality, this was another 9pm project! :)
I started by buying 2 boxwood garlands for $12 a piece. I wanted a pretty thick wreath, but I bet I could of gotten away with 1.
A grapevine wreath (I had an extra, but you can buy these at walmart. You could also use a straw/styrafoam one)
and zip ties (you could also use bread ties, or hot glue)
Starting at one end of the garland, tuck the end up into the wreath with the springs pointing the way you will be wrapping.
start winding the garland with the wreath and secure to the vines with the zipties about every quater turn.
Make sure your ties are around both the garland and the grapvine.
 Keep winding, winding winding, slowly moving outward with each time around.
when you finish the entire wreath, secure with one last ziptie and clip the ends off the zipties.
And hang! It's as simple as that! It really took me like 15 minutes for the entire thing! And I am in LOVE with how it looks! Perfect for upcoming spring!
And I spent a total of $24! A LOT less than $55+shipping!


mwimp said...

i luv it!! i'm gonna try and find some of these garlands.

theconfidentmom said...

Love it!!! I might have to do one too!

Maria said...

This is absolutely beautiful, I love it! Love how full it looks, great job!!!

Sarah @ Simply Sarah Style said...

This is a great idea. I love the look of this and will definitely be giving it a try. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! I am so in love with this! I will definitely be making one!!! Thank you so much for this!!! said...

I LOVE this wreath! I had a real boxwood wreath on my door a few years ago and loved it! It didn't last long, though, so I'll have to try this--it's so pretty! I'm a new follower and would love to have you stop by my brand new blog and follow, too! Thanks:)

Marcie said...

That is fantastic! Your's looks WAY better than the store picture too, way to go!!! :D

So Many Little Things said...

I'm so jealous! It turned out great. I've been looking for boxwood greenery everywhere and can't find it. Your wreath looks so good now I am really on the hunt!

Goin Chic Boutique said...

I love this wreath! So beautiful, and "springy" without being too cutesy. Can't wait to try making one for my own front door!

I featured this idea in my blog post today, "10 Fun, Fresh DIY Ideas for Spring" - check it out if you'd like, and thanks for the idea!

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