Wednesday, September 18, 2013

$20 Fall Wreath Challenge

I was just a tad excited to get started on my fall decor this year! In fact, I wouldn't even technically say that it's fall yet here in So. Utah, but nevertheless... My decor made its way up! 
I was really excited to make a new wreath this year, after browsing hundreds of ideas all year via Pinterest! So one fateful night when my sweet Mom had my kids, and the husband was out hunting, I very kindly handed myself a $20 bill (Thank you, Self) and marched into Joannes on a mission. I was going to do my whole wreath for under $20. And By-Golly. I did it!
I wish I took more pictures of the 'During' process, but I had a friend over and we were too busy chatting and chasing kids to worry about cameras! But I'll give you a little run-through...
What I had on hand:
Grapevine wreath (but these are really only like $4)
Yellow flowers
(seriously, I can't tell you how many times I've used this ribbon pack!)

What I bought:
most things were on sale at Joannes
Welcome Friends Sign - on sale for around $3.00
Burlap - about $2.00 worth
Green Tulle - $2.50
Acorn picks - .99 and 1.50
Moss Roll - $2.50 with coupon
Berry garlands -  $1.50 each
cream polka dot ribbon - $2.00
Autumn leaves - $1.50
So total - around $17.50... give or take. I estimated due to sales.
I started by weaving the tulle in and out of the wreath, and then did the same with the ribbon. You'll notice I ended up not using the yellow, I had to edit a little. It was getting too busy.
After I had all the tulle and ribbon I wanted, I glued chunks of the Moss onto the wreath, then proceeded to add things here and there until I reached the fullness I was looking for! 
I did separate the acorn picks into smaller sections, and I cut up the berry garlands to makes them more like berry 'sprays'. Lastly, I glued the sign to a piece of scrap ribbon, and tied that around the wreath to secure it. I tried gluing it directly onto the wreath, but that wasn't happening, so I improvised!

All in all, I am super happy with how it turned out! And I am even more happy that it only cost me $20!! 
I think I might make this an "Every Holiday Challenge"! What do you think!? Want to see more of these!? 
What are your favorite ways to save on holiday decor? 


April said...

What a beautiful wreath and love that you did it on a budget! I would love to see more that you do!

The Candlands said...

Love it! I am so gonna pin this and copy it! Hope you don't mind!

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