Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 Minute Enchiladas

You want a quick and easy but reeealy yummy dinner? Well look no further! This is literally as easy as it gets! This meal is a staple at our house. I make it quite often when I dont feel like making a mess, or we are in a big hurry to get out the door. Plus, you can customize it any ways you like!

10 Minute Enchiladas 
Feeds 2
4 frozen burritos (see below) OR homemade frozen burritos
1 can enchilada sauce (red/green, mild/spicy just whatever you have)
Shredded cheese
These are the burritos I use, but you can use the ones with meat, or chicken, or whatever you want. You can also use homemade frozen burritos, but to be honest, I think the store bought ones hold up a little better.
-On a plate arrange burritos in a single layer (2 per adult-1 per child) Microwave burritos for about 5 minutes, or until thawed and hot.
-Once burritos are hot, pour a small amount of enchilada sauce into the bottom of a casserole dish (so they don't stick) and then arrange your burritos in the dish.
-Cover with Enchilada sauce and cheese.
-Place under the broiler or back in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes until cheese is melted and sauce is bubbly.
-Serve with sour cream, salsa, guacamole, etc.


Nicole said...

great idea - I just wish you could buy them with wheat tortillas!

Gooners said...

I do this all the time, So easy and very nummy :)

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