Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Card Display and 5 Free Printable Christmas Cards [Guest Post by Over the Big Moon]

Hey LLS Readers! We are so excited to be Blog Swapping with Stefanie today! Don't you just love her blog? She's adorable!

We are Lisa and Pam from Over the Big Moon!

Over the Big Moon is a blog where you will find a little bit of everything that relates to family life, kids, and decorating our homes! Pam is a Mom to 2 boys and Lisa a Mom to 3 boys! So, you actually might not find a ton related to little girls, but you will still find a lot of fun family ideas and traditions for your home! So, run on over and check it out!

Today we are looking forward into December, and to Christmas Cards! We both love the tradition of Christmas cards! Lisa wanted to share a cute way to display your Christmas Cards and then we also have 5 different Christmas card printables you can choose from for your family card this year!

I (Lisa) had a coat rack that was just screaming for a North Pole makeover!

I decided to unscrew my hooks and wrap the pole in white ribbon. 

Now it is as easy as clipping the cards to the ribbon when they come in the mail!

I used these super cute spiral Paper Clips to attach the cards.

One of my favorite things about the Pole is that it will be easy for my boys to look at the Cards. I have such fond memories of looking at Christmas cards each year! I loved seeing my family's friends grow up over the years. Now for the Printable!

We have 5 Christmas Card designs available for download that you can simply add your own family picture and personalized message to. If you do not have a photo editing program like Photoshop you can use for free! Their Advanced Image Editor is almost just like Photoshop and will allow you to add your custom text and add your family picture! The downloadable files below are PNG's, so they will work in all Photo Editing programs! Costco allows you to upload custom designs in to their Christmas Card selections so we have provided their standard size of 6 x7.5, as well as a 5x7. Simply click on the size under each card to download.

Come visit us at Over the Big Moon to see more Tutorials, Pre-K Packs, Free Printables, Traditions and More!

Thanks again Stefanie for letting us Guest Post!


Kaycee said...

These are great! I featured them on my Digital Freebies and Christmas Pages! Come grab a button! There's also a giveaway with your name all over it! :D

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