Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mushroom provolone burger

My husband requested hamburgers for his birthday dinner, but that seemed SO boring! SO i raided my fridge and came up with these, and BOY were they yummy!

Mushroom Provolone Burger
burger patties
garlic powder
seasoned salt
black pepper
olive oil
provolone cheese
hamburger buns
bread and butter pickles

Season your burgers with seasoned salt, black pepper and garlic powder and put them on the grill until they are done to your liking. Break up mushrooms into chunks and saute in a little bit of olive oil, season with the same seasoning as your burgers. when mushrooms are soft and caramelized, place them on top of your burger patty, place a slice of provolone on top and cover with foil until the cheese is melted. Put the patty on your bun, and top with spinach, pickles and mustard and ENJOY!

1 comment:

n.davis said...

mmm these look amazing!

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