Monday, January 17, 2011

3 valentines projects

For some reason i am really getting into valentines this year! i think its the fact that its not just beau and i anymore, having a family makes holidays 100x better! So i have seen a whole bunch of cute ideas and heres a few i have copied :)

Valentines Candles
I bought these candles at walmart after christmas for like .25 not really knowing what i wanted to do with them. Well, my mustard yellow candles weren't really doing for me next to all of the pink and red in my house, so i fished the white ones out of my 'extra decor' tote, and raided my ribbon boxes and pulled out all the pinks, reds and browns i could find. Then i just tied random pieces around the candles and now they look very 'valentine'esqe'! i love them!

Valentine Subway Art
This is the new rage in blog land i've noticed, so i decided to give it a shot! I just used a scrap of MDF board that we had in my wood box and spray painted it red. I did all the words in vinyl, and it was a lot of work, but im sure it would be a TON easier if you just typed it, printed it and framed it. But i really like how it turned out!

Valentine Plate Rack
I was super excited about this project! I bought the plate rack at Tai Pan for like $12.00 (i used a 20% off coupon) and the plates for $1.75 a piece at walmart. Then I just cut the vinyl with my cricut and put it on the plates! I'm going to make a set of plates for every holiday. It's going to be a fun, inexpensive way to decorate year-round! :)

I have a few more ideas in the works... but I guess those will have to come later! Hope this gets you in the valentines mood!!


Mindy said...

i was gonna do the 2 of your 3 crafts for valentines day this year!! the "words" square, and also the plates!! Yours turned out awesome!! can't wait to do mine!

n.davis said...

SO super cute. i love all of this!
you are so crafty. you need to sell those valentine subway art board, they are so stinkin adorable!!!

CAB said...

The vinyl...I'm curious about "the vinyl" - are you just sticking the vinyl on the wood valentine board and that's it? or somehow cutting it, then painting, then removing it? And, where, oh where, do you get "the vinyl"?? Help!

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