Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cheddar Fries

Cheddar Fries
1/2 a bag of frozen tator tots
Seasoned Salt
Lots and lots of grated cheese

Microwave tots until they are thawed. Put them under the broiler until they get cripsy. transfer to a plate and sprinkle with seasoned salt (just however salty you like them) top with TONS of cheese, and microwave until cheese is just barely melted. dip in salsa/hot sauce/ketchup and ENJOY!!!! OOHH YUM! we had these with tacos for lunch today. and i want them again for dinner.
At taco time we also did these as nachos, just top with your basic nacho toppings (meat, beans, corn,enchilada sauce etc.) then you have got a whole meal!!

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