Monday, January 10, 2011

FHE in a Jar

Seeing how it's Monday, it's time for some Family Home Evening ideas. For Christmas this year we made 'FHE in a Jar' for the families we gave gifts to. I wish I would of taken a picture of the final product because it was an awesome gift! :)
I got the idea, and PDF file, from The Idea Door a website that has lots of fun LDS church related activities and crafts from Primary to Relief Society. It's a great site for any of you that teach a lesson, or just want to teach in the home. I love it!
Back to FHE in a Jar, like I previously said, I just printed out the pdf file of all the different family home evening ideas on some cute paper. Cut them out and put them in a jar. (I actually just used an empty formula container. It was perfect to use, with the snap on lid and all that) that I had decorated with some pictures and the following quote:

"I hope, my brothers and sisters, that you are having your family home evenings in your home with your children. You Can Not afford to postpone this. The days, the months, and the years pass so quickly, and before long it will be too late." -President Gordon B. Hinkley (Jan. 28, 1996)

All in all, FHE is important and we don't always have time to prepare some elaborate lesson. So it's nice to have a bunch ideas already prepared in ONE place. It was a huge hit with every family that got one! I need to make our family one, that's one of my next projects! :)

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