Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Smoky BBQ Chicken Sandwich

I was craving a chicken sandwich the other night, and oh man this hit the spot!
I am obsessed with these Weber seasonings by the way, they work so well for all meats!

Smoky BBQ Chicken Sandwich
makes 2 sanwiches
2 crusty burger buns
1 chicken breast
1 TBS miracle whip (or mayo)
1 tsp BBQ sauce

Butterfly your chicken breast in half lengthwise and pound out until 1/4 inch think. Season the chicken with the mesquite seasoning and grill on the BBQ until no longer pink.
Mix the miracle whip and BBQ sauce together and spread on toasted bun.
Add the Chicken to the bun adn top with lettuce tomato and onion.


Lindsay said...

This looks SO good. I pinned this & will add it to our menu soon. Thanks!

The brackens said...

Yum!! I was trying to decide what to make tonight, and kiwi Making this for dinner tonight!!!

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