Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eyelash Extensions by Jodi {product review}

I have a things for lashes... I never, not since I was allowed to wear it, leave the house without mascara.
So when Jodi moved to town and I found out she was offering them, I HAD to jump on the bandwagon! And, can I just say... that I am obsessed! I am totally, completely, 100%, over the moon in love with them! I will never go back!
This is photo is no mascara (just a tad on bottom), no liner, no nothing. They are AMAZING for those who don't like a lot of makeup, or those who do!
(umm... sorry for the SUPER close up of my eye)
Here is my before & after... can you believe the difference!?
I was afraid they would look fake, and I wouldn't like them for all the time, but they are perfect for everyday! Here's a photo a little farther away... 
If you are in the Southern Utah area and want to get a KILLER deal on a FULL set of Lashes, Jodi has informed me that she will be offering lashes for $35!! That's HALF PRICE! Umm... HELLO!? Call her! NOW!

so  I just passed the 3 week mark of having my lashes and I still love them! Yes, they have grown out and thinned, but I think I can still go at least another week! I love not having to worry about mascara, or really any makeup at all! I will definetly be making another appointment!


nicole. said...

im not in utah. and, i want those.


Marianne Hobbs said...

I love them! How long do they last?

Syd and Kade said...

Thank you for the info!!!
I went and got mine done tonight from Jodi after reading your post and I LOVE them!!!
Thanks :)

Art Zest said...

I just found about this and I was told it's about $75 so I wish I lived in Utah. I was also told they will last about 3-4 months. I forgot to ask, do lashes even grow. Why would they not last? I'm guessing due to usage; shower, weather, rubbing, etc. I would love to do this.

Ashley Monroe said...

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