Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dinner Groups

I've never posted anything on here before, so here I go.
My mom, myself, my sister in law, and her sister have started a dinner group. Each of us choose 2 different meals to make for the month. We then quadruple the recipe to cover the 4 different families involved (including ourselves). This sounds like a lot of work but it totally isn't. You're already cooking so you might as well quadruple it! We then get together at the first of the month and swap.
Last week when I did my meals it took me 2 hours start to finish which included thawing hamburger, letting bread dough rise, etc.
The meals must be assembled and ready to eat pretty much. We've had a few where you add crumbs to the top or something but otherwise, it is your main course ready to pop in the oven.
Because they're frozen, we take them out the day before in order to let them thaw out. Then the day of you simply cook it as if it were fresh.
We put our dinners in 9x13's or a ziploc bag in cases such as soup or a pasta or something else applicable. The name of the meal and cooking instructions are written on top.
This is such a huge time and stress saver. I spend a lot of time worrying over what I'm going to make for dinner and this greatly helps me out! Our family consists of my husband, myself, my 2 year old Grahm and 1 year old Kenna, so many of these meals are actually 2 meals for our family. I get more like 12 dinners out of this.
The catch is that you must like how everyone in your group cooks. We are family so obviously we all know what everyone likes (basically). We also have agreed to tell each other if we don't like a recipe and that we can't take offense. Afterall, its only a recipe.
We've had Rigatoni, Lasagna, Stroganoff, Soup, Homemade Pizza, Chicken Enchiladas, Beef Enchiladas, Tattor Tot Casserole, etc. You can freeze just about anything although sometimes a little extra sauce or cheese or something is needed so the meal isn't too dry.
I highly recommend dinner groups. I'm in love.


The Stratton Family said...

I've seen this a few places! I think it would be so fun to try! Thanks for posting!
ps. now you know you have to do a profile ;)

Mindy said...

that's a way good idea!

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