Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Fragrances

I have a confession... yesterday I busted out the fall candles. Yes, it's still August, and after this storm rolling through southern utah passes, it will be back into the 90's. However, I am 100% ready for fall to be here, so I thought I'd trick myself into it... or at least my nose ;)
Awhile back, I shared my favorite Scents for Summer. So it was only fitting, now that I've busted out the cozy, warm scentsy melts, I share my favorite Fall Fragrances!
1. Oatmeal Cookie - Not only is this one of my favorite cookies, its one of my favorite scents for fall! I actually think it was the first melt I bought! It's sweet and warm, with a touch of cinnamon! Mmmm.
2. Maple Candied Almond - This smells like warm french toast on a cold sunday morning! How's that for a description!? But really, the maple scent of this bar is amazing!
3. Ginger Spice Cake - I have shared this one before on a What I Love Wednesday. It's a super spicy, sweet smell. Think... Carrot Cake, mixed with Ginger snap cookies.
4. Baked Apple Streudel - 3 words. Hot. Apple. Pie. Seriously, this smells SO yummy! Like thanksgiving dessert. Without all the calories.
5. Hot Wassil - This is hands down my favorite cold weather scent. And to be honest, I would of never picked it up had it not been for me smelling it in a friends house! It's not sweet, like food sweet. It's hos a really spicy, citrus scent. SO good!
I hope these give you a little bit of a head start on filling your home with the scents of Fall!


Jen V. said...

I am so excited to bust out my fall scents and decor too (and maybe I will now that you did first)! I love the maple candied almond and Ginger spiced cake scents...I may or may not have about 5 packages of each of them from last year....I sure would hate to run out!

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I'm exactly the same! Fall is my favorite season and I have been craving the food/smells/decorations of fall since the end of July! The wassil scent sounds fantastic! My sister-in-law made wassil last Christmas and the taste and smell was amazing!!

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