Monday, June 11, 2012

The Dating Divas E-books {$20 Promo Code for one week!!}

Have you heard of the Dating Divas? If you haven't, you are missing out! They are amazing women who have even more creative ideas on how to 'date' your husband! I don't know about everyone else, but with a 2 year old, most of our dates consist of dinner and a trip to Walmart ;) Romantic, I know!
The Dating Divas have written two amazing e-books that are wonderful for busy wives, to help strengthen your marriage and jazz up those date nights!
The A to Z guide is a great book about strengthening your relationship, making time for eachother, and just being happy together. It really helped me stop and take a look at what I was bringing to our marriage. This is a great book for anyone to read, even if you have an amazing relationship already!

The Ultimate Date Night book has SO many amazing dates totally planned out for you! Plus, there are amazing printables, recipes, and ideas that go with each date! They have great dates for everything from a big get together with friends, to a night alone with your sweetheart!
They put so much time and thought into each date to make it a lot easier on us busy wives!
We have already used one date from the book! the "Road Trip Date" on Page 176! We headed down to Vegas for my birthday, it was so much fun to play the licence plate game, and do the couple's questionnaire that they provide! Here's a few photos from our trip!

But I haven't even told you the very best part!!

The Dating Divas have hooked Lovely Little Snippets readers up with a SWEET deal! When you buy both books (using the E-Book Bundle) cart option and code LOVELY, you get $20 off!
Hurry and order...code expires one week from today!

Do NOT pass up this deal! Both books are worth ever penny! You will not regret it! I have already used both books in my home and will continue to apply them to my marriage!

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jacie @ said...

OOOH OOOOH i just bought this! thanks for the saweet deal & i am so super excited! blessings!

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