Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drip Dry Bathtub Bag

This was SO easy to make! and it cost me a whole .50 cents!!!

you need...

1/2 yard fabric netting (it was $1.99 a yard at joannes, then use the 50% coupon form their mailer)

1 shoelace

sewing machine

fold your netting in half and sew up both sides.

fold down the open end a few inches and sew all the way around the top to create a tube to string the shoelace through.

cut a hole in each end and sting the shoelace through, tie the ends together and pull top closed :)


Mindy said...

i must make one of these!! i've been looking all over the stores for one, and nada! thanks for the tip!

The Christy's said...

I too will make one. I hate bath tub toys and the thought of mold growing in them.

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