Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crispy Chicken Ranchero {Taco Time copy cat}

I worked at Taco Time for quite a while in my teenage years. And still to this day, I love their food, but this has to be my favorite thing on the menu! I love chicken strips anyways, but wrap them in a tortilla, with ranch and cabbage!? Uh, YUM! They are even better made at home too, because you dont have all the fry oil and who-knows-what-else that goes in fast food! We had these for much the other day with leftover spanish rice and it all came together really quick!
Makes 2 Burritos
2 large flour tortillas
4 frozen chicken strips, cooked (I used baked popcorn chicken)
1 cup prepared spanish rice
shredded cheese
shredded cabbage
ranch dressing
pico de gallo (I left this off because my husband hates it)
On your tortilla, place half the rice, 2 of the chicken strips and cheese. Nuke in the microwave for only about 15 seconds.
Top with cabbage and salsa, drizzle with  ranch. Roll and serve!

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