Friday, November 16, 2012

Bella Comfy Spot by Crypton {Product Review}

Lets face it, kids are messy. Well, at least my kid. Another fact, kids love to have a 'spot'. You know, their spot, whether it be a mini chair, a designated floor space, orr.... one of these!
 I was so excited when Crypton offered to send me on of these pillows for my little boy to review! I knew he would love it before it even came! And I was right! I can't get him off of it! It's his favorite napping spot, his favorite movie seat, and the best part is, it's 100%....
Stain Resistance
Moisture Resistance
Microbial Resistance
Odor Resistance
so you dont have to worry about the snacks or the sippies on the pad! It's like a dream come true for moms with a 2 year old! :) No worries about if they are spilling or wiping, you just send them to their spot, and... voila! total peace of mind! It repells liquids, sticky messes or anything else your little one throws at it, they are amazing!
They don't just stop at these pads either! They have fabric, furniture, blankets, pillows and so much more! Go check them out!
These comfy spots would make amazing Christmas gifts for all the little ones on your list! I am definetly keeping them in mind for the next little one!

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