Friday, January 20, 2012

Healthy Afternoon Snacks {Free Printable}

Again, I apologize for being MIA lately... this flu is kicking my butt!
So last week I mentioned that I have jumped on the healthy wagon and am trying to lose a few pounds before the next little one decides to come along (which will not be soon, if everything goes as panned)
However, I am no good with diets. No good at all! I HATE sugar free food, I dont do pre-packaged meals, and I need my snacks. 3pm is my downfall. It doesn't matter if I've had a great lunch or I know we are having an early dinner... I need my 3 pm snack.
And that right there, my friends, is where I tend to get myself into trouble... with the vanilla wafers.... and the PB&J... and the doritos... OH the doritos.
So after a few days of calorie counting, I decided to make a list, savory and sweet, of snack options that I enjoy, and their calorie counts.
Now, I have to tell you first, these are the calorie counts on the products I buy, they may not be the exact same as yours, so if you are calorie counting, I suggest double checking. But for the most part, these are all regular (not non-fat or diet) products, unless it says so.
I just printed this list on regular cardstock, cut it out and taped it up in my pantry so I have lots of ideas when the snack attacks show up!
Hope it helps you too!


Maria Nielson said...

Love! I need to print this baby off. I could eat cupcakes, doritos, cookies, DONUTS, chocolate, and alllll sorts of other junk alllll day. Yikes.

theconfidentmom said...

AWE, now I won't have any good excuse to eat bad for me stuff! Thanks a lot! :-)

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