Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reindeer Block

We made these cute little guys for our Thanksgiving craft night. My sister in laws, mother in law and I try and get together around the holidays and do a few crafts, and this year I brought these cuties to make! They were SUPER easy! And they look adorable!

You need:
wooden block 5 1/2 x 6 1/2
bead board square 3x4
tan, red, white, and black paint
tan and pink felt
2 small branches
hot glue gun

Paint your large block tan, and your bead board red (leaving the indents white). Once those are dry, sand the edges to create the worn look. Glue the bead board onto your large block. Drill two holes on top of the block about an inch or less apart from each other. Paint the face on the reindeer with the black and white paint. Cut ovals out of the felt, making the pink ovals a bit smaller than the tan. hot glue them together, and fold the bottom in thirds so the ears stand up. Hot glue them to the hot of the block. Insert branches into drilled holes, if you want, you can secure them with a little hot glue.
 Enjoy your cute new Christmas Decor!

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