Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Freedom isnt Free

Ok! So, July is coming up and I was looking on one of my FAVORITE all time blog sites,
and was looking at the summer stuff when I came across a cute flag made out of plywood. I made myself one first to make sure it turned out cute.. and it did!!! So I made one for both my mother in Laws and my brother in law and his wife. I mainly made them because my brother in law is getting deployed to Iraq for a year. So, I wanted to share it with you in case maybe you wanted to make one as well.. just because the 4th is coming up in a few months!!

You will need: 
4..17x3 in. long pieces
1 7x7 in bloc
1 6x6 in block (this is the star.)
2 12 x 2 in long pieces. (These 2 pieces get glued to the back of the flag to hold it together)
Wood glue or staple gun
1 sheet of red paper
1 sheet of white paper
1 sheet of blue for the star            
1 sheet of any other color you want for the 7x7 block.
You will have to cut the sheets of paper to measure with the wood. I had to cut mine, and tear it to make it look old, then I mod podged the paper onto my wood, sanded the edges, I also took a brown stamp pad and rubbed it on the paper to make it "old" looking. I then used wood glue to glue the 2 12 inch to the back of the 4 long flag pieces to hold them all together. Then I glued the 7x7 block onto the flag, cut my star out and glued that on top of the 7x7 block. I made the little note that says Freedom isnt Free because I felt like it needed a little something else. If you want more details about how to make the flag go to and look under celebrate the seasons and click on july 4th. They give you step by step instructions!!! HAPPY FLAG MAKING!!!!!

Cheers, Tasha

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