Monday, March 21, 2011

cork board makeover.

{click link for tutorial and her CUTE boards.}

I found this on the website, How Does She.
I fell in love. I had this old cork board in sophias room
that I have always hated. I painted it yellow and added those 
twisted roses to it, but it looked terrible. I found the tutorial above and 
was sooo happy. I added the little pleat things on the side to hold her clips..
since we aren't into headbands much anymore. {rips them right out}
 I am re-doing my daughters room, same colors and everything
but making it more 'big' kid like. {5 more months until my baby turns 2!!!}
This was the perfect start to her baby, turned big girl room, makeover. 

{ps. don't you love that her bows are stained with mac n' cheese?! ooh the life 
of a 1 year old..not even CLOSE to clean.}

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