Wednesday, March 30, 2011

another 'What's for Dinner' blunder buster.

So awhile ago I did this post, and while I use that list often... it still doesn't solve the DECISION of whats for dinner. So, I made yet ANOTHER list. :) This one hopefully though, will help the decision making process go much quicker. I took each day of the week, and gave it a theme (with a few examples).
Monday: Italian (spaghetti, alfredo, lasagna)
Tuesday: Mexican (tacos, enchiladas, burritos, loaded nachos)
Wednesday: BBQ (grilled chicken, steak, pork chops)
Thursday: Sandwiches (grilled cheese, hoagies, grilled chicken sandwiches)
Friday: Burgers (mushroom & provolone, bbq bacon, big mac)
Saturday: Pizza (BBQ chicken, pepperoni, veggie, ham & pineapple)
Sunday: Whatever sounds good

You get the basic idea right? I'll switch it up every week, but now I have a guideline of what to choose for each meal :) Hopefully this idea will help some of you with your 'whats for dinner' dilemmas!

1 comment:

Melissa Louise said...

Thanks for these posts! I ALWAYS have that conversation with my husband. And, to make matters worse, my boss started asking me to decide what he should have for lunch. Ha really? I should give him a list like this.

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