Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY :: Receiving Blankets

I have a really awesome Mother in Law! When I was pregnant with my first, she made me oodles of blankets for the little man! From quilts, to wraps, and everything in between. These, however, were by far my very favorite! They are a lot larger than the generic store bought blankets you can buy at Target or Walmart, and perfect to use as a swaddling blanket, nursing cover, car seat canopy, ground cover, and SO much more! And bonus... they cost around $3.50 a piece!
All you need is 1 1/4 yards of flannel per blanket. I bought my fabric at Joannes, regular price it is $6.99 a yard, but this week it was on sale for 50% off. Score! But if it's not, be SURE to use a coupon! They always have 50% coupons out! I am not a huge fan of the cutesy nursery prints, so I keep on the lookout for funky styles.
Once you have your fabric, it's really pretty simple from there... all you do is serge around all 4 edges! That's it! See.. I told you it was easy! And if you have an awesome Mother in Law that offers to do it for you, even better! :) That would be the reason I have no 'during' photos ;)
But really, these make great gifts, and they are so much nicer than the dinky store bought blankets! Especially if you pop out 9.4 lb babies like I do, that wouldn't stay swaddled in a tiny blanket if you wanted them to!
Here are a few more that are in waiting!


Letti said...

What a great idea. I am done having babies :( But these would make great baby shower gifts. Thanks.

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

This is a WONDERFUL idea!!! Love it! :) I am a big time do it yourself and save the money and all that kinda girl so this is my kinda thing, plus I LIKE sewing! :) I will be pinning this to my board for baby ideas for furture reference! Thank you!

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