Friday, October 4, 2013

Foto Friday

Wow! It's been a few weeks since I've done one of these!
Truth is, Blake started preschool, and I still have not gotten into a rhythm!
But don't fret, it's not just my blog that has suffered. You should take a look at my kitchen sink! Yikes. And don't get me started on the laundry room!

Last week brought some exciting new changes to my photography business! I am now officially under the name Stefanie Stratton Photography! Complete with a new facebook page, new business cards, new packaging, and a new blog in the works! Anyways, I thought I'd share my kids newest photos to celebrate! :)

Seriously... the cutest.
aannd... a few more, just for kicks! ;)
 Hubby got an elk! Not a monster, but I was pretty proud!
 This little lady got her ears pierced!
 Getting a family photo is a joke now-days.
The birthday boy at his party. He was too cool for it all. ;)


April said...

That elk is huge! Well compared to our little bucks down here in TN! Way to go. Your kids are precious and I love your pics. I wish I lived close to have you do some pics for my family!

susan said...

whoa! didnt see that hunting pic coming. i love your blog but as a vegetarian, that kind of saddened me. Just wasnt expecting to see a dead animal.

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