Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Chevron Hair Ties

Have you noticed these hair ties ALL over lately!? And I mean A-L-L over! Last night I was even at Old Navy, and they had them! You got 3 there for around $4. FOUR DOLLARS!? I was shocked, because they are SO easy and inexpensive to make! If you know where to go! 
The Etsy shop Hairbow Supplies Etc. is literally your one stop shop for all things hair bow! And that's where this super cute elastic came from! Isn't the chevron print to die for!? They don't just have chevron though, they have glitter and polka dot too! (coming up in another post!) 
These hair ties are so easy to make... here's how you do it!

You need two things...
Elastic & Scissors.
You can handle that... right? ;)
Here's the hard part... ;) 
Cut your elastic into 8 inch strips, fold in half, and tie ends in a knot.
You can get 9 hair ties out of a yard, so suppose you bought THIS pack of elastic... you could make FOURTY FIVE hair ties!! for $3! 
That will make you think twice about paying $4 for 3 elastics! Now, won't it! ;)

**Elastic for this post was provided by the Etsy shop Hairbow Supplies Etc.
All opinions are my own, however.**


Stephany said...

Thank you for this! I must make some!
& you're right...they are expensive to buy!

The Candlands said...

Ok, don't laugh, but what's the big deal about these hair ties? I see them everywhere. Is there something special about them compared to a regular elastic?

Megan and Jared said...

I love these! I'm expecting a little boy right now though so I don't think I'll be making any very soon :)

Spencer and Mindy said...

yeah i've never even seen these hair ties before.. are they for adults, lil girls? doesn't the knot in the end drive ya crazy? i need to see it in use.. Pic?

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