Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crypton Throver {Product Review}

 I think it's safe to say that summer has officially decended upon Southern Utah! In fact, I saw 101 on my cars thermometer the other day! Whew! And summer, for us, means playdates, park trips and picnics! I am always looking for a durable, cute blanket to toss in the car, and this one is wonderful for just that!
Crypton's site describes their product like this...
"The Crypton Throver. Our versatile, reversible, machine-washable, go-anywhere throw blanket protects and prettifies wherever you put it. Turn the patterned side over to reveal a solid suede side. From the sofa to the automobile to the speedboat, it's a beach blanket, a yoga mat and even an impromptu baby-changing station!"
And it truly is all that! We've spilled all over this thing and a quick mashine wash is all it needs! I also left it out one night and it got a visit from the sprinkler fairy! All my other blankets were soaked and took forever to dry, this one actually repelled the water! I was amazed! In fact, I made my husband come out and see! Haha! He was impressed too! 
These really are amazing, along with all of Crypton's other products! It will definetly be a staple for our summer outings!
Find the Crypton Throvers HERE!

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