Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pinterest and your hair opinion?

So I meant to do a Pinterest post when I hit 2,000 followers, but I up and missed it! So you get one 24 followers late! :)
ps. is anyone else not loving the new Pinterest layout?

 I have been looking for this shirt everywhere since I saw this outfit pinned!

This bench in on my project list for spring!

Pinned this for my little boy's second birthday!

this strawberry cream cheese cake looks AMAZING!
 And finally, I used this image off pinterest for my hair! It's taking some getting used to... but so far, I love it! What do you think?


Melissa Louise said...

How do you get the new layout? Mine is still the same

Alma Hutchings said...

Your hair looks way cute!!

Misty Pak said...

Holy Moly is right! That's what happens when you are so awesome! ;-) You really do have a great eye for pretty things. I wish I could taste all of your yummy looking food.
The hair is def funky. It's always fun to go for a different look and spice things up a bit every once and a while.

Zitting Zoo said...

your a rockstar stef! love you!!

The brackens said...

First.. LOVE the hair! (I went blonde a few weeks ago.. and am loving it too!!) Second.. We think a lot alike! I saw the Hot Dog Bar on pintrest and thought about doing it for Rydgey's Birthday! And the bench.. TO DIE FOR!!!!

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