Thursday, March 15, 2012

A little kitchep re-vamp...

 I just wanted to share a little bit of the kitchen re-do that's been going on at our house!
Goodbye dark cave over my head... hello bright, fresh planshelf!
I found this basket at an estate sale for .50 cents!

I got this calendar holder a while back, and painted it black and cream, I LOVE it so much more now that it's so bright and fresh!

True story, I have never had a banana hanger. I dont know why? They are pretty cheap... I was unnaturally excited to bring this baby home.
looks like I need to make banana bread, huh?
Closer look at the left side of the plant shelf...
Closer look at the right side.
 This glass bottle came from the same estate sale as the previous basket! .75 cents! Love it!
I'm not anywhere near finished, but I am so happy with how it looks so far!
What do you think?

1 comment:

Chelsea @ J+C..And Kenzie said...

LOVE IT! We are getting into our NEW house in 2 weeks! I'm stealing your ideas.. what color is the wall?

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