Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I love Wednesday {Ikea Edition}

Have you ever been to Ikea? No? Well you should! I LOVE that store! We dont have one where I live, but we go up North a lot, and ALWAYS stop there! There are always a few things that I keep buying, #1 because they are cheap, you can walk out of there with a HUGE cart of stuff for under $100! and #2 because they are actually really quality products!
My first pick, the measuring cups. I love these things! The numbers dont ware off, and they are super sturdy! I have like 3 sets of these! They also have the measuring spoons, that I may have to get next trip!

Next up is the childrens tableware. I LOVE this stuff! I think each pack of 6 is like $1.99. They are sturdy and dishwasher safe (thankfully!) I have 2 sets of the cups, 1 for my baby to drink from... and one to play with! they make awesome stacking cups and the colors are great!
Okay I think this is my very favorite Ikea find, I LOVE these salad bowls! I bought 2 last time I was there and I use them all the time! They are really classic bowls and for $2.99 you cant go wrong!

Well, that's it for today! My 3 favorite Ikea finds! Hopefully you can find an Ikea near you and do some shopping of your own!

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Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Nice list! Their salad bowl if my favorite! It's the perfect size for a family! I have their big wooden one, for when I take salad to a big get together. But, I use their glass one the most!

LOVE IKEA! I would also have to add their microwave covers! It is so nice not having to get wax paper out to cover things when warming them up!

Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their decorative napkins! I pretty much use them daily now, cause it just dresses up any dinner!

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