Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Soft baby girl Headbands

I call these:
Nylon Super Soft Baby Girl Headbands
So easy, all you need:
*knee high nylons (small, any color.) - for the Band
{you can get 2 headbands from 1 pack}
*any fake flower (with plastic parts removed) and
*some type of jewel center - for the flower center
*Hot glue/gun
*needle/thread or sewing machine

Here's How to Put it all together:
1-Cut off top of Knee High (the 1-2 inch seam on top)
2-Stitch toes of nylon to the unfinished top.
3-wrap around the previous stitch, the 1 to 2 inch seam you
cut off in step 1. Sew to give finished look. See pics above.
4-Hot glue on any embellishments.

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